Thursday, July 20, 2017

How to read a book and develop reading habit

Many people want to read a book, but they do not know how to develop a reading habit or how to read a book. Today I am going to share four simple tips that can help you in these two domains easily.  For your reference, I am sharing those 4 tips to enhance reading habit and how to read properly.

Read a book summary first

If you like the summary, you will love the entire book. Buy that book and read it. If you do not like the summary, find two more summaries by other people for the same book, read those two summaries.  If you change your mind, go ahead, buy the book and read it. If you still do not make a positive opinion about this book, you should not try to read that particular book at this time in any condition.  You may think about reading it after few months.

Read a book entirely 

When you finish the summary, and you liked the book, then make sure you read the book to its entirety.  You should read it from the start including preface or introduction, and you should read it till the conclusion or very end of the book. There are so many things that you can learn from the introduction, preface, and conclusion.  Therefore, it is a wise idea that you do not ignore this suggestion and you read a book thoroughly.

Give time for reading 

Some people can suggest you read fast to gather as much knowledge as much you can. If you want to read faster, then you can have an audio book, you can double the playing speed, and you can read the book while listening to it.  In this way, you can finish the book sooner, but you may not learn much from it. Therefore, you should give more time for reading. You should read a book carefully, you should understand what is there in the book, and then you should move ahead. If needed, read only ten pages in a day, but read and understand the concept to get maximum benefits.

Read a book multiple times

Mostly people read a book once, and they shut the book to never open it again. If you want to get maximum advantage from any book, then you should read a book at least seven times in your life. When you read a good book, then you can learn something new from it every time you read it.  Therefore, once you read a book that gives you the value of your time, then make sure you put it in the read again compartment of your bookshelf and after finishing 2-3 good book, pick the old book once again and reread it. Also, you will be able to memorize the important knowledge from that book easily.

And as we talked about development of reading habit, then you should read some books about habit development as well.  In case, you are wondering which books are good for same, here you can find 5 Best Books To Cultivate habit for success and you should read all those books as well.

I agree people may have a different opinion for same and I respect their views with all of my heart. But I follow this practice to read any book, and I always get the maximum benefit with it. That is why I would recommend the same method to you. In case, you have any different way, please let me know it in the comment, and I will try that method myself.

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